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Who Is Tri-Tech?

We are the modern and aggressive edition to Alburquerque's growing business of trusses. We represent quality, durability, and friendly service, at a responsible price.

Our trusses are engineered and delivered on time with definite and expert results. You will find that Tri-Tech Trusses will live up to your expectations.

Don't Take our word for it. Investigate for yourself. You will find that our trusses are engineered to last and produce the desired effect resulting in beauty and quality built trusses.


Want to Learn More?

For more imformation about our services, or for a price estimate on a specific project, please call us.

We'll get back to you quickly with the imformation you need. If necessar, we can even come to your office or job site for a in-person meeting, to discuss your needs in detail.

Or you may stop by our office at your convenience. We are located at 1224 Bellamah N.W., near I-40 and 12th street.


1224 Bellamah N.W. Albuquerque NM 87104

Office (505) 243-2864  Fax (505) 877-7882